Call to Action

The Popular Committees of Palestine
On behalf of the Palestinian people
Invite you to join in mass demonstrations
Across the United States and at US embassies around the world

America’s Tax Day is April 15, 2014. The People’s Committees of Palestine on behalf of the Palestinian people call on all US tax-payers to join in and/or plan mass demonstrations in cities across the US and to call on the free people around the world to demonstrate at US embassies in their own countries to demand an end of US support of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

US taxpayers pay unknowingly $4-6 billion to support Israeli apartheid each year while the US government obstructs justice by using its veto power at the United Nations Security Council against the application of international laws. No just human can accept such actions, especially coming from the same government that supported apartheid in South Africa in the 1950s to the 1980s. We Palestinians are confident that we will get the freedom and justice, for time is not on the side of colonial settlers in an apartheid regime.

Let us remember the words of American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., who stated that: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

What we ask is that you help us speed things up and bend things more towards justice for people who have suffered enough from the Israeli colonial regime.

Demand an end of US support of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Our combined committees believe the United States is part of the occupation with its one-sided support of Israel’s oppressive policies, which are killing our children, stealing our land and destroying our livelihoods.

All to build an Apartheid Wall of racism and colonization.

1 – Four billion dollars a year goes to the Israeli army.
2 – Continuous US military aid while using veto power in the UN to support the occupation.
3 – Weapons used against peaceful people are MADE IN THE USA.
4 – Equipment that uproots trees and destroys our land and homes are imported from the USA.

The people of Palestine ask you to protest against injustice. Together, we can achieve justice and peace. Our slogan for all demonstrations is:

Stop US support for the Israeli occupation!

Sign the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation petition to end US military aid to Israel.



    1. OBAMA stop funding Israel now!!!!!! And fight their corruption and terrorism against Palestinians, yes what they do is terrorism, let not their crimes against the innocence of children and a peoples suffering continue.

      1. This obscene mess has gone on for my entire life-time. I was born in 1944. I want to say ” Not in my name,” but it seems to do no good. My government keeps giving billions to an Israel that keeps crying “defenseless,” which is pure bull….. To Obama and every President from here on it is time to say ” stop giving the U.S. taxpayers’ money to these usurpers.”. They want our money and Palestinian land. They are sucking our blood. It is time to tell Israel, If you want our money and aid, you must follow our plan for peace which takes into account Palestinian needs. End this travesty, for God’s sake!!!

      2. What is needed is an international “Shutdown Israel” movement, a movement to block Israel at every point of contact with the world. The movement must shutdown El Al, Israeli shipping companies, international meetings with Israel, boycott commerce, issue subpoenas for war crimes, everywhere at once. I believe there is enough awareness of Israel’s crimes to at least start a random “Shutdown Israel” movement, so nobody dealing with Israel or reverse knows when or where it will strike.

  1. I am a physician who is horrified by the despicable actions of her own government in its decades of murdering innocent people for the sake of the almighty dollar. This is at the heart of our support for Israel. It is all about money without regard for human decency. It is possible to love one’s country while hating the corrupt politicians who control it. The Us is so adroit about siding with the bad guys and the government of Israel is ALL bad guys. We could do the right thing and support the innocent Palestinians but we pick the monsters in the gov’t of Israel instead. Sad decision-making.

  2. A petition about this travesty to submit to Congress would be helpful.
    Many will sign a petition, a good compliment to those able and willing to demonstrate.
    Dana King

    1. Yes, there is an organization online that often has .petitions to sign, called BDS
      (“Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions Movement”). We must stand up against this horrible, illegal occupation and genocide that our government has chosen to support! I am more than willing to sign petitions, stand up to protest, and be among those who still have eyes, ears, a mind, a heart, a soul, and a conscience. I don’t want to be among the walking dead, who have nothing behind their eyes but $$$$$$, and empty hearts, with no compassion for others. Debra Larson

      1. So — maybe a tax revolt would work? Just withhold $25 from taxes for 2013 or 14 and include a standardized movement note to the effect that these funds are used by illegal settlers living on stolen land to purchase weapons to terrorize an unarmed people. A good American cannot conspire or aid or abet illegal activities, that is, you choose not to be liable as an accessory to illegal acts and terror. I don’t believe a US court can compel one to do something illegal.

      2. How to get it going? If a lot of people do it, the IRS will be unable to administer penalties etc. because procedures call for letters, appeals, even tax court. They are just not equipped for revolt, especially one that is not really material. It will cost more than $25-50 to administer/enforce these shortfalls.

      3. Here is another great link: US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation They also have petitions to sign, one going on now, I just signed.

      4. Most Americans are such uninformed “sheep.” They do not realize the injustices that are committed in their names. A petition would help.

      5. You can also go onto and sign the petition: Calling on the United Nations to investigate and hold Israel to account for the war crimes & crimes against humanity they commit on a daily basis..

  3. I am proud to be one of the few in this country who see the truth of what the state of Israel represents, and I am ashamed to have my tax dollars supporting yet another apartheid government. I am appalled with the American government for forcing us to support Israel, and the murderous crimes against humanity they are committing on a daily basis. I openly protest having my tax dollars go to support such a hideous government and I openly boycott any goods in this country made by a company who supports Israel!

    1. Here, here!! I was born in 1944. For virtually my entire life the U.S., my country, has been drained of trillions of dollars for this obscene mess!! It is a travesty beyond words!! For how much longer will the blood and treasure of this country, even this world, be wasted on this wreck? America continues to pay, but it has no say!! ENOUGH!!

      1. As long as we continue to support this type of behavior around the world, we will pay, and we will pay and we will pay….but I’m not talking only about $$$$ here…I am talking about the very soul of this country, of our culture, our society….we had the capacity and means to be a great example to the world…instead, we have done nothing but abuse others everywhere. And now, Israel, who we tirelessly support, in spite of the fact that they are breaking every international law there is, by illegally occupying and attempting to literally genocide the entire population of an indigenous population of innocent people. How can we walk away from this responsibility without being affected, without this tearing us apart from the inside? How much more destruction and disregard for human life around the world can we be involved in, without it reaching our doorstep??? And what of our hearts, and our minds, and our self-respect, as citizens of this country? This government is destroying any chance we have of being part of diplomatic solutions and peace within the international community. We are losing more respect around the world every day, due to the war-mongering attitude we continue to demonstrate.

    2. I live in small town USA, a left wing college town. Indiana totally supports Israel whatever they do as does my town’s people. If I dare to even suggest in public, like I have tried before, to stop support for Israel and to stop funding their entire country and the war machine, along with the damn grip on MY government… my home will be burned down and more retribution, harassment and hate will come my way. My state is full of idiots and sheep. The pulpits teach lies or not much at all. There is little freedom of speech and free thought, and NONE when it comes to the ‘chosen’ or about murderous Israel. In college I was hated for even mentioning the facts about USS Liberty or about Mordecai Vanunu and more. There are just too many ruling hate groups in this country that own the media, and pretend to reveal harmful people who the ADL of BB or the Southern Poverty Justice League think are their enemies for daring to challenge or even mention a negative about Israel and their control over supposedly MY country. The land of the free home of the brave. Ha! Fat lie. Israel is the tail wagging the dog called America. Stop all wars for Israel and stop funding Israel at all, period. They should start paying the trillions back since we’ve supported the entire country for generations. And I’m hated and attacked for not supporting Zionism or the local lying and attack machine? Or their control over our media? Sheep need to wake up, and Hagee and Beck and other idiots need to shut-up, Israel has paid them off enough I think.

      1. I should add… any and all petitions have been signed by me. As well as many countless letters to my lying bought off politicians and journalist. I hope it helps but I doubt it. I await the retribution since everything I write in town shows up on the hate sites of the ADL of BB and others true haters and fascist. Bless you all for knowing some truth and wanting an end to genocide and plain murder. Free Gaza.

      2. I cannot understand why after almost 70 years of hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money pumped into Israel, ( the total is around three trillion dollars), with no change in the situation, the American people are not enraged enough to demand a U.S. solution to this travesty. Are we forever to have to pay for this mess as if Israel was a part of our country? At some point, are we not justified in saying to Israel, if you want our money, you’re going to have to do thus and thus. How long will Americans tolerate this rape? How can such a small percentage of the world’s population hold this country hostage in their unending, self-centered war? The Israelis are doing what they want with our money. Are we ready for another 70 years of this abomination?

      3. While they are closing parks and schools, laying off teachers, etc., Israel get its tribute without a single congressional protest.

  4. As an American with child who is now nearly 11, I am appalled my nation has been at war since even before he was in my womb, all for the almighty dollar in the wrong direction. For the record, MANY American citizens are waking up, not bringing our kids up to be morally un-straight and mentally un-awake enough to believe in USA’s wars, or any war, as a “duty to God & Country”, as any “service” to anyone. The thought of my families hard earned tax dollars being poured into something I am strongly morally against sickens me, the money could be going into my son’s college fund, helping charity for good causes, cleaning environment, infrastructure and other positive things for our own nation. This has been so deeply conditioned into the American peoples moral fabric, its like talking to a stone wall when trying to create awareness. American media is the biggest culprit, making the people believe what our war-profiteering news stations claim is transpiring, calling it all an act of “heroes”, when in truth, our soldiers are just as much victims of unnecessary violence as all the children in Palestine being killed, just as much as any victim of the Boston bombing, which happened due to our own culture within….we brought the war zone home. Our soldiers are merely kids themselves, girls and boys indoctrinated, inoculated into some blind obedience to violence for profit. What sickens me the most, are people still, to this day, chanting mentally ill & hihgly unsustainable marketing slogans of our MIC “Freedom isn’t free”, or “home of the free because of the brave”, a sick, sad glorification of the violence itself. And the most disrespectful thing anyone can say.

    1. We are ready in Sweden, at least in Stockholm, where the US Embassy is! We will not be so many, but we will be noticed! Hope the American tax- payers will see this, it’s your money!

      1. I am so disappointed in my state of Minnesota, because there are groups and organizations here, but when I tried to contact them, I never even got a response to any of my emails regarding a demonstration today. I wanted so badly to be part of a worldwide demonstration, to show how we in Minnesota feel about our tax dollars going to support the horrific, illegal occupation of Palestine by the American funded and trained Israeli military.

      2. Sorry to hear that, but at least you were with us in your mind! Minnesota is one of my favorite state! Been there several times, Minneapolis, Center City, Lindström among others! Keep trying to contact your groups, sooner or later somebody will answer!

  5. I calculate about $25 per taxpayer. This translates to about $450 per Israeli per year! Per Israeli family (4) that’s $1800 per year gratis from the US! American families could use $1800 a year, believe me…$1800 A YEAR TO EACH AND EVERY ISRAELI FAMILY IS A WINDFALL.

    1. We’ve got a few vets, homeless or otherwise, who might be able to use that, but hell, the Israelis are chosen people, so I guess they deserve it more.

  6. Has the suffering not gone on long enough? Have Palestinians not endured enough.??

    They have a moral and legal right and a duty, as any other people to resist the illegal occupation of their Land.

    Israel bears sole responsibility for the problem due to its aggression, and deliberate obstruction to seeking a just solution, it is aware if a settlement was found Israel would have to stop stealing land in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and stop subjugating the Palestinians, imprisoning two million of them in Gaza.
    This is not just appalling, wrong and cruel but is breaking international Law and denying basic Palestinian human rights.

    The deliberate targeting of the infrastructure in Gaza, hospitals, schools, university’s, drinking water and sanitation, the only Gaza power plant, places of worship, factory’s, government buildings, the fishing industry and of course thousands of civilian homes.
    Designated safe havens have been targeted.
    Many doctors, nurses, care, and charity workers killed. Many ambulances attacked, with drivers and the injured within killed and injured, “collateral damage?
    This is not a war it is something far more sinister and depraved.

    This has little to do with tunnels or basic Hamas homemade rocket launchers.
    It has more to do with Israel’s total lack of any intention to negotiate a peace deal with anyone, Israel uses divide and rule against the Palestinians, in order to claim to be seeking a solution with it’s (chosen “partner”) “moderates”, whilst claiming defending Israel against the (chosen “enemy”) “Hamas” that it refuses to speak to.
    Whilst the Palestinians are at odds, it gives Israel endless time to carry on with her main and only plan, dispossession of the Palestinian lands.
    This is a fine balance, divide and rule has worked for Israel, and she gives the “moderates” a little less suffering and punishment then the “enemy”.
    This imbalance has allowed Israel the space it wants, by keeping a lid on a bubbling pressure cooker within Palestinian politics.
    The Palestinians and international community now have had enough of decades of it. Palestinians should not have to endure Israel regularly killing and maiming large numbers of its innocent civilians, causing misery, poverty and pain through massive destruction.
    Israel carries out this cruelty with the intention of crushing and extinguishing any hope of the Palestinians regaining a free independent Palestinian homeland.
    “Clipping the wings” or “mowing the grass” as the Israelis callously call it. This is simply State terrorism, brutal bullying and collective punishment.
    Administered by drones, airstrikes, shelling and rockets from tanks as well as war ships.

    The Slaughter of the innocents is disgusting and despicable, the world is now watching everything closely, and we can see through Israeli lies and propaganda.

    11,000 Palestinians brutally targeted, (a turkey shoot), trapped inside the giant Gaza ghetto, locked inside a giant prison being picked off without mercy by the 5th largest military in the world.

    This is another Sabra and Shatila massacre, again the UN and America stand by and watches while Israeli state organised mass murder is carried out!

    Trapped in Gaza, spied on by drones and satellites guiding the sophisticated Israeli war machine using ultimate military destructive firepower, to kill (80%) mostly innocent civilians!,
    The terrible injuries inflicted upon the 9000 injured survivors, include huge numbers of amputations, spinal, brain, eye, burns and the like. Men women and children that will never walk, see or have any kind of a normal life.
    Families that for no good reason have lost mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, the survivors now have to care for the thousands injured and disabled.
    This slaughter and destruction should never have been carried out, a mistake of outrageous proportion perpetrated against poor impoverished helpless people and destroying what little they had, just to satisfy the self serving Israel agenda.

    Of the so far 2000 dead and 9000 horrible injuries most were inflicted against the helpless, the elderly, women and children.
    Shame on you Israel and shame on all those in power that sit silently watching as accomplices, saying nothing! While Israel commits outrageous murderous atrocities.

    Regards, Terence Geoghegan,

    the very angry, and fed up, no longer silent majority!!

  7. The reason the US is giving aid to Israel is because 1) enough people believe in the propaganda that says spending billions on war efforts in the middle east will make them safer 2) the us gets wealthier from oil acquired from its invasions and that’s beneficial to US citizens 3) the politicians work on their own agenda, and do not consider the opinions of the general public

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